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My Snow Day, Live on the Net

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The great snowstorm of 2009 travelled through Brooklyn, causing classes to be cancelled and books to be caught up on.   I took some time to catch up on my Facebook account, discovering others were also left home, bored, updating their profiles.  A friend of mine published video commentaries of herself walking through the street, documenting her day off from teaching. Suddenly, I was excited about Facebook again .

  I became optimistic again about the possibilities of the web (many times I think Facebook is taking time and energy from more “legitimate” pursuits).   As a budding design critic, I want to know how to best analyze design in a meaningful way that resonates with an audience.  Watching this video of my friend walking down the street, commenting about her life reminded me how this could be incorporated with text to make a truly unique web experience.

 There are several websites that are already combining text, pictures and video.  The New York Times is of course the best (the most recent video is also about how New Yorkers spent their snow day).  Additionally, Architect Magazine has recently published numerous videos of architect interviews and commentaries.  Of course, I will say that I still prefer reading an interesting article than waiting for that same content in video form.  However, sometimes video can supplement a story or add an interesting detail. 


Written by Wegener

March 4, 2009 at 1:28 am

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